Pressed powders

Matte and pearlescent

Our pressed powder pigments are used as eyeshadow to enhance the eyes or as a blush to give colour to the cheeks.
• Its formula is obtained by mixing powders, pigments and oils, for a uniform and rich colour result.
• Soft focus agents help to improve blend ability and provide a soft texture. When applied on the skin, its touch is very silky and its coverage is optimal.
• In our colour chart, there are nearly 300 matte or pearlescent colours to create as many desired and personalised makeup according to the occasion.
• Matte textures - with the exception of black - are unbreakable.
• For a more intense effect you can mix the pressed powder pigment with a little bit of MAKEUP MIXER. You will get a texture that will combine the flexibility of a cream blush and the power of a dry makeup.
It fears neither heat nor frost.