HD Puff

The HD PUFF is the best foundat ion for people in a hurry

The HD PUFF is the best foundation for people in a hurry but still eager to get a good result.
- It currently exists in 133 shades but it is always possible to increase the range if necessary.
- Easy to use product even by non-professionals.
- It can be applied directly to the skin with or without a base, which is particularly
interesting for the makeup of men and more generally for the makeup of supporting
roles or extras.
- It can be applied by finger, brush or sponge.
- Recommended for “city” make-up quick to give a “good looking” complexion.
- It is a “cream” material in which we have incorporated a fixative;
it is not necessary to powder it.
- Its finish is velvety.
- It holds for several hours.
- It gives a beautiful image in high definition while revealing the texture of the skin.
- It is waterproof.
- Can be kept for several years in good conditions.
Fears heat and frost.

Here are all of our available colours and packagings.

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